040F: 2023-24 Official Fire Safety Manual (Ages 7-9, Grades 2-3)

Fire Safety Manual Measures: 8½” x 5¼”

“Firepup’s Dinosaur Adventure”

Hey, fire-safe cavekids!

Join Firepup® and his friends as they explore a prehistoric Dino Park safety adventure. Meet lots of cool dino-friends and see their wild, fire-safe dino hangouts while learning vital fire safety information about a wide range of topics. Complete the different games, puzzles, and activities to learn important ways to be fire safe. Many of the games reinforce early learning skills for this age group such as using a math code, music code, art projects, and more! Let the adventure begin! Firepup® makes learning fire safety fun!

Interactive Online Education App Feature: Quiz and Award

Our interactive online review quiz is a great way to reinforce lessons learned after completing the fire safety manual. Parents, kids, and teachers can access the app via computer, tablet, or mobile phone at home, school, or anywhere with internet access. The app can be accessed through the QR code or URL on the cover of this year’s manuals.

The interactive review features a series of questions taken from each manual page and is narrated by Firepup®. Click on the chosen answer and it will indicate a right or wrong answer as well as keep track of how many answers are correct. You must have 8 correct answers to access the interactive and printable Certificate of Completion or the app will invite you to try the quiz again. Use this app to test or reinforce the fire safety knowledge and reading comprehension skills of each child.