101F: Official Fire Safety Manual (6-7)

24-page Fire Safety Manual Measures: 11″ x 8½”

Let’s all learn about fire safety!

Join Firepup® and his friends in this fun-filled fire safety manual and learn how to be safe around fire.

The fire and burn prevention and life safety lessons are presented through age-appropriate games. In addition, large appealing and easy-to-color pictures and numbers reinforce coloring, writing, counting, and number skills.

Important words for every lesson are written in gray on the handwriting strip at the bottom of each page for children to trace and practice. Features a number and alphabet review.

Lessons: Count With Me; There is Only 1 You; 2 Ways Out; 3 Rules for Minor Burns; 4 Smoke Detectors; 5 Actions to Practice (Stop, Drop, & Roll; Crawl Below the Smoke; and Cover Your Nose & Mouth); 6 Safe Meeting Places; 7 Fires Not to Touch; 8 Things to Learn (Name, Address, Phone Numbers); 9 Firefighting Tools; and 10 Fire Safety Friends.