203F: Firefighter Heroes

2-Sided Color/Activity Sheet Measures: 8½” x 11″

A Firefighter’s job is to Fight Fires and Teach Fire Safety to Children

Firepup® and his young friend teach kids how our Firefighter Heroes help rescue people who are trapped in a fire. This fun color / activity sheet shows children what a firefighter looks like with and without turn-out gear.

Making the Firefighter Flip Spinner reinforces what a firefighter looks like with their “mask on” and “mask off.” Its goal is to make children familiar with the usual firefighting gear which may make a firefighter look different or sound scary.

They will learn not to hide in a fire emergency. A quiz helps reinforce the importance of all of a firefighter’s turn-out gear.

The child and adult can complete the activity and quiz, then sign and date the sheet upon completion.