498F: Animal Alert Emergency Cling

Emergency Cling Measures: 4″ x 6″

Animal Alert Fire Safety “Emergency Cling”

The Animal Alert Emergency cling attaches to your front door or window to help alert firefighters to rescue your pets in case of an emergency. Remove/peel the clear protective top sheet, then fill out the front of the cling before placing it on the inside of a clean window or glass door. Press around all edges to adhere it firmly. Choose a spot that is highly visible from the road. The bright, bold design will help alert firefighters or first responders that there are pets inside that need to be rescued in case of fire, floods, storms or any immediate dangers. The cling can be easily removed, repositioned, and reused again. Update the sticker or remove if moving.

NOTE: The cling does not replace a comprehensive home fire safety plan, which should include working smoke alarms, a Home Fire Escape Plan, frequent Home Fire Drills including pets, among other fire safety measures.

Topics Include: Home Fire Escape Plan