499F: Fire Rescue Cross Decal

Sticker Measures: 4” x 4”

Fire Rescue

The Fire Rescue Cross decal, has been developed for use inside the home, marking a bedroom of someone who may need help to escape in a fire emergency. The reflective decal is placed on an interior hallway bedroom door, which can assist firefighters during a search of a residential occupancy. If a resident moves or occupants change rooms, the decals should be removed – reducing firefighter risk.

The front of the Fire Rescue Cross is made of a highly reflective “mirror” type of material coated with a laminate for durability. The back side features directions for use and safety information. The decal promotes the idea of sleeping with the bedroom door closed, which may slow the spread of fire.

NOTE: The decal does not replace a comprehensive home fire safety plan, which should include working smoke alarms, a Home Fire Escape Plan, and frequent Home Fire Drills, among other fire safety measures.