679F: Firepup® Pillowpup 12”

Pillowpup Measures: 12″ x 12″

Help kids feel safe!

First responders can help kids feel safe by giving out Firepup® Pillowpups during an emergency and in situations of distress. The huggable, stuffed, plush pillow can help comfort a child during the turmoil of an auto accident, medical emergency, fire, or domestic dispute. It allows kids to concentrate on something else, while first responders perform initial duties on the scene or administer first aid.

Firepup® can also serve as a friend and confidante for the child while dealing with the aftermath of the emergency situation or traumatic event.

Departments can put them in their trucks, vehicles, ambulances, etc., and use as needed.

They can also give Firepup® Pillowpups to senior citizens going through a difficult situation.