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Our Fire Safety Mascot Firepup®

In 1986, National Fire Safety Council, Inc. (NFSC, Inc.) developed Firepup®, a friendly Dalmatian cartoon character, in an effort to make learning about fire and burn prevention and life safety issues, fun, entertaining, and non-threatening. Firepup® was developed to be a friendly and positive role model for children. He has proven to be a successful learning tool used by fire prevention officers and teachers across the country.

  • Firepup® has joined the ranks of many firefighting agencies throughout the nation. Fire prevention officers have used Firepup® in fire safety presentations to children in thousands of schools.

  • Firepup® appears in NFSC, Inc. fire and burn prevention education programs and materials used by fire prevention officers and teachers. This adds continuity to the programs and identity to the organization.

  • Firepup®’s image is also portrayed in a life-size costumed character. The character is treated as an auxiliary fire prevention officer by many fire departments.

  • Firepup® has become familiar to hundreds of thousands of children from all over the country who view Firepup® as a role model and trusted friend.
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Firepup® is a registered trademark of NFSC, Inc.


The Firepup® Mascot Costume was created by the Research and Development Department and patented by National Fire Safety Council, Inc. The Firepup® costume includes pants, shirt, fire coat, boot spats, paw gloves, and a fan-cooled head and is designed to allow free movement. Children respond to the costume in a positive manner and recognize Firepup® wherever he goes.

The Firepup® mascot costume is a must have for programs and events that further public information, education, and awareness in fire & life safety and burn prevention.

The Firepup® mascot costume can be seen at many public functions across the country, including school assemblies, classroom discussions, grand openings, parades, promotions, hospitals, festivals and fairs, & community events.

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Life-Size Firepup® Mascot Costume


The Firepup® Puppet Makes a Great Teaching Tool

The Firepup® Puppet was created in the research and development department of National Fire Safety Council, Inc. During development, NFSC contacted Jim Hensen of Children’s Television Workshop (Sesame Street, Muppets, etc.). Mr. Hensen offered the services of his head designer Bonnie Erikson who spent several days at NFSC helping us fine tune mouth construction and character development.

Newspaper articles showing how departments are utilizing the Firepup® puppet in their fire safety programs appear locally and nationwide.

The Firepup® puppet has been distributed throughout the United States through schools and fire departments. Our goal is to place a Firepup® puppet in every grade of every school, especially Kindergarten and First grades.




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