Fire Safety Educational Materials

NFSC educational materials & programs are available exclusively through U.S. fire departments who provide them free of charge to the citizens of their community.

If your local fire department doesn’t provide NFSC materials, encourage them to visit, and contact us to learn how to partner with NFSC.

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Celebrate Fire Safety

How to Play: Tap and hold a puzzle piece and drag into position. When in the right spot the piece will snap into place with a clicking sound. Continue until all the pieces are together. Tap the "Listen" button when available to hear Firepup® speak the message. Tap and...

Color Me Fire Safe

How to Play: Click the game image or the "Play Now" button. Press the "Tap to choose colorsheet" button and select one of the 5 colorsheet choices. Tap the crayon color and then tap the image to fill in the color. When finished, press the "Snapshot" button and then...